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di mana boleh cari ramai melayu?

Di mana boleh cari ramai Melayu
Pastinya di Kelantan dan TerengganuDan juga d
i pasar malam dan pasar minggu
Di Akademi Fantasia dan Pesta Lagu Juga
di pertandingan Bowling kilangku
Di Jom Heboh orang Melayu berpusu -pusu
Di Sungai Buloh, pusat pemulihan,
dulu di Pudu Dan di jalan, lumba haram, rempit tak berlampu
Dan di selekoh duit rasuah depa pun sapu
Di pusat serenti akibat ketagih dadah dan chandu
Di malam kemerdekaan dan malam tahun baru
Terkinja-kinja best giler menari macam hantu
Apa hobi orang Melayu
Terkenal dengan budaya malas dan lesu
Berlepak buang masa tak jemu-jemu
Atau baca majalah Mastika,
Metro pasal cerita hantu
Tengok telenovela dari Filipina dan Peru
Berpusu -pusu pergi tengok pamiran hantu
Sambil makan junk food, kuaci dan murukuS
ibuk bercerita tentang Datuk K dapat bini baru
Apa pakaian Siti nak pakai itu yang nak tahu
Mana tak gendut berpenyakit selalu
Kalau nak berlagak melayu masih nombor satu
Asal bergaya sanggup makan nasi dan toyu
Boleh tak jumpa mereka di kedai buku
Atau di perpustakaan dan majlis ilmu
Atau ambil kelas kemahiran di hujung minggu
Ada tapi kurang sangat mereka di situ
Kenapa melayu jadi begitu
Nak salahkan siapa ibubapa atau guru
Pemimpin negara atau raja dulu-dulu
Ayat lazim di mulut ialah Melayu malas selalu
Nak harap Kerajaan saja membantu
Terutama sekali kontraktor kelas satu
Tak habis-habis gaduh nak jatuh siapa dulu
pasal jambatan senget atau siapa dia penghulu
Dan suka sangat dengan budaya ampu mengampu
Sampai bila kita nak tunggu Bangsa Melayu jadi bangsa yang maju
BOleh! dengan beberapa syarat tertentu
Pertama dengan banyak menguasai ilmu
Kata nabi ikutlah Quran dan sunnah kuAl-Quran yang diturunkan 1400 tahun dahulu
tapi apa yang kita tahu,
cuma baca bila nak halau hantu

::human footprints::national geographic program::april132008::

by Dan Kulpinski

Our human footprint doesn’t end after we buy and consume things; the final impact occurs when we discard items – and we Americans discard four-fifths of a ton of trash per person, per year.
Here are the numbers: Americans generated 251 million tons of trash in 2006, the most recent year for which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has data. Our per capita trash disposal rate was 4.6 pounds per person, per day. Sixty-five percent came from residences, while 35 percent came from schools and commercial locations such as hospitals and businesses.
Where does it all end up? Fifty-five percent gets buried in landfills, 33 percent gets recycled, and 12.5 percent goes to incinerators.
Collecting and transporting trash and recyclables is a mammoth task. According to the National Solid Waste Management Association, the solid waste industry employs 368,000 people. They use 148,000 vehicles to move garbage to 1,754 landfills and 87 incinerators. They also pick up recyclables at curbside in 8,660 communities and take them to 545 materials recovery facilities for sorting. Solid waste is big business to the tune of about $47 billion in annual revenue.

The Benefits of Recycling
Recycling avoids many of these impacts. When you recycle something, the item gets sorted and used to make similar items – aluminum cans, for example, contain about 41 percent recycled aluminum. It takes 95 percent less energy to make a can from recycled aluminum than from virgin bauxite ore.
By using recycled materials, the manufacturer creates fewer greenhouse gases. Recycling also reduces climate change emissions from incinerators and landfills. “Recycling is a win-win in terms of global warming pollution,” said Allen Hershkowitz, a senior scientist with the Natural Resources Defense Council and director of its national solid waste project.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

::his birthday::

++the surprise++

1. ice cream manggo
(delicious, yummyprice affordable,
++the waiting++
2. at swensen's restaurant
waiting for sirloin steak

3.the cupcakes

yesterday was his 25th birthday . i have plan so may surprises..after knowing that the course that i have to attend at malaca have been cancelled,i begin to plan slowly but the truth is i am copying some from my friends..juliana ( same name as me)..thanks ju for your brilliant and gorgeous idea..hehe..first,surprise him with cupcakes..hehe..then, the 5 miracle peanuts which written great meaning words,bought from hot market 5 for rm2 ( no picture),swensen's great sirloin steak, fell so meaty inside...hehe..soft,easy to eat and ofcourse last but not least the mango madness to see his face curiously thinking about my plan..hew I that romantic dowh?hehe 10 pm, we when to the photo sticker shop,we choose the cheapest one,jimat...take 10 picture together..after that, we when to the queensbay new beach ..tempat lepak-lepak tu..opposite to jerejak island where people are crowded to spent times ...that is the 1st time we sit for me, i dont like to lepak2 like that..hehe..than i take his wallet and stick our picture there..he feel so terharu..i want him to cry,but its ok..but his face is full of speechless word which only me know the meaning.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

::penang hill::

this is also my sudden trip to bendera hills with habib. as in my memory, last time i come here were on my 1st year study at USM. that was a long time. but i still remember that last visit where i with my close frens celebrated our birthday and so many mishaps happend on that creepy and scary..huhu..until i could not sleep ,same as my frens wahida( which i call wahid)..miss her so much..i am waiting for her to coming from france this 31st enjoy the scenery and picture which i have taken with habib.

::youth park on that day::

haritu seronok sangat dapat jalan-jalan bersama habib. that moment make we become close. the sudden trip happend just the best moment which is undecribe able ( browse in dictionary if i am mistaken with this word). the youth park at penang is full of everything. the place is suitable for every mother, father or anyone include old folks as well. this place situated near to gurney plaza, feringhi beach and even ayer itam.if i am not mistaken..hehe..honestly i am not penangs people. the park provides with outdoor gyms, even indoors, small kind of water park, cendana hill track, bendera hill track for hikers, beautiful garden for relaxation and small field...marvelous right!!so, just come over spend weekends here,even picnic also is great idea to do. just small advise, beware of the monkey!!don't fed them with food.

::penang botanical garden::

Going greeny. short view from botanical garden scenery. i have been there for many times. but on that day was the 2nd time with my beloved fiancee habib.actually before that, we've been to penang youth park.just spending our weekend plus to work out, wet ourself with own you can see here, i have shot several picture to show that we are living in a beautiful country. As from me, i am proud to be here in this island despite as we know the island is the busiest place at northen region of malaysia.

My Love Ones

!! My Love Ones !!

this is all my love ones in my life. My family,My Fiancee n My Close Frens..
they are all give so many influence in my life.As i grow up to be a better person.
thanks for the memory and the experiences I have. love all of you..

Happy New Year

Assalamualaikum semua.. Selamat tahun baru buat semua..