::youth park on that day::

haritu seronok sangat dapat jalan-jalan bersama habib. that moment make we become close. the sudden trip happend just the best moment which is undecribe able ( browse in dictionary if i am mistaken with this word). the youth park at penang is full of everything. the place is suitable for every mother, father or anyone include old folks as well. this place situated near to gurney plaza, feringhi beach and even ayer itam.if i am not mistaken..hehe..honestly i am not penangs people. the park provides with outdoor gyms, even indoors, small kind of water park, cendana hill track, bendera hill track for hikers, beautiful garden for relaxation and small field...marvelous right!!so, just come over spend weekends here,even picnic also is great idea to do. just small advise, beware of the monkey!!don't fed them with food.


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