::his birthday::

++the surprise++

1. ice cream manggo
(delicious, yummyprice affordable,
++the waiting++
2. at swensen's restaurant
waiting for sirloin steak

3.the cupcakes

yesterday was his 25th birthday . i have plan so may surprises..after knowing that the course that i have to attend at malaca have been cancelled,i begin to plan slowly but the truth is i am copying some from my friends..juliana ( same name as me)..thanks ju for your brilliant and gorgeous idea..hehe..first,surprise him with cupcakes..hehe..then, the 5 miracle peanuts which written great meaning words,bought from hot market 5 for rm2 ( no picture) ..ops..next,swensen's great sirloin steak, fell so meaty inside...hehe..soft,easy to eat and ofcourse last but not least the mango madness ice-cream..yummy..love to see his face curiously thinking about my plan..hew hew..am I that romantic dowh?hehe

fINALLY....at 10 pm, we when to the photo sticker shop,we choose the cheapest one,jimat...take 10 picture together..after that, we when to the queensbay new beach ..tempat lepak-lepak tu..opposite to jerejak island where people are crowded to spent times ...that is the 1st time we sit there..as for me, i dont like to lepak2 like that..hehe..than i take his wallet and stick our picture there..he feel so terharu..i want him to cry,but its ok..but his face is full of speechless word which only me know the meaning.


  1. suka sangat dia nak surprise kan org..hahaha..wait n see la 31 hb nanti..we'll see who's gonna cry the most..hahah..last but not least, thank u for loving me..i'm still speachless actually..heheh..

  2. Salam...happy belated birth friend...maaf takde apa yg dpt diberi.;).kita pernah rakan sekolah dulu2 &dah bertahun2lamanya tak bersua..tp syukur..takdir pertemukan kita..walaupun tak bersua sekurang2masih dpt jua kita jenguk dlm talian...Terima kasih sgt2 sbb tinggalkan komen kat blog saya...sy ni tak pandai nak buat blog baru je berjinak2...aper pun jue.. i still remember wlaupun ingatan tu jauh sgt2..insyaallah tujuan sy but blog tu pun sbb rindukan zaman dulu2..kalu blh biar dpt jumpa lg walaupun sekejap..kita hari ini tak akan wujud andai yg lalu tu tiada..

  3. maaf jue silap tgk tu birthday fiance u...sorry...harap ingat kita lg wlapun dah byk perubahan yg berlaku... sedih sgt terlalu terharu dpt keep in touch ngan u tak sangka...terlalu lama sgt2.jauh perjalanan yg dilalui panjang masa yg dah berlalu terlalu byk kenangan...


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