Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Gunung stong n Gua Ikan, Dabong, Kelantan Darul Naim

the story..PART 1

:: Departure from usm at about 1.30 am. Actually the departure time has delay, schedule time was at 11.30. Maybe there is a problem about the bus but i am not eager to discover the backstage story. So, the journey to Kelantan begin...Bye bye PENANG..

::Arrived at Jeli at about 6 a.m. Stop by at 'surau' to perform 'subuh' prayer..Once arrived I fell so cold inside through my 'black bone' when my hand touch the water...hehe..Jeli is the first province we will reach if we take the BKE-Grik highway from PLUS highway from north state of malaysia.

::Depart to Dabong. Takes time about 30min-1 hour. Arrived at Dabong at about 7.30 am. At Dabong, all of us register to the national park guider and confirm our journey.His nick name is uncle. Dabong is situated near to Gua Musang, about 30min-1 hours.

continue later..

photos: taken by my frens, miss epa..take a look..jgn jeles..huahahaha

status:mission accomplish

photos n stories will be updated soon......tungguuuuuu

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  1. jelesnya gambar lawa2..takpela..kamera mahei..hehehe..nanti kita blaja ek..



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