Thursday, November 20, 2008


Just want to share. hope my fiancee heart will never not broke. No matter what , i love him so much. Last night, my heart pounding to sms my x. Last 3 weeks, he sms me telling me he is getting married with someone from sarawak . At first i am not trusting him. I taught it was only a phrank or he is trying to cheat me or what. But then, just few minutes before i write into this blog, i try to find the name which he given to me in friendster . which is her wife. then i give full effort without thinking of a risk to my heart to my brain n mentally...about half n hour the finding suddenly stop.. yup, his face appear with this nick name which i can't mention right now..yup, true it is him with that women smiling.. i felt shock , angry and so many mixture feeling which indiscribeable..sad?a bit..the story me and him was too tragic to told..too tragic to write which can make me myself blame my own..yup, he deserve to get married and maybe it was our faith we cannot be together.That's what we called a 'jodoh'. A jodoh which our merciful god have wrote to us..just pray that he will be happy..but i am still not believing with what i've seen. i hope me myself will be strong to accept this..end..


  1. sakit bile tahu... lebih manis kalo x tahu kan?? lupe kan la dier... start a new life with abg habibudin... i always hope that u'll be more happier with him.. forget the rest... okay? luv u..mwahh.



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