10 PM

I am going back home this night to my hometown. The cat fish town(IKAN PATIN)

With? A bus . Its has been so long time that I didnt go back home by bus.

wHY? I have a car and a driver.So why bother to take a bus. That is old story.

Now? Both are not here with me ..Well i am going to miss my 1st car.PGV 9408.Thats the plate number..huhu..sad

Sad? Huh..sure sad. I buy the car with my own money pocket,with my own salary.

Work? Today my load work is not 100% full.haahha..i have another task that have been pending for 1 month because of the exi.but today i am lazy..

English? haha..because i have to write the article in english..but I feels like I am losing the art of the language somehow.

Because? I am lazy to read, to hear, to watch.hehe..because i have my own translater which will tell me everything I dont understand.

Who?Of course my hubby..

Then? Finish at 11.04

Continue? to work


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