Wednesday, July 22, 2009

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1. when do you get your driving license?
masa cuti 2nd year..masa tu umur dalam 21tahun

2. your first car is ..
kelisaku silver

3. what type is your car now
kaki..haha..xde kereta lg lepas eksiden

4. do you choose you plate number or was it given?
yg kelisa tu dia bg la

5. what is the colour of your car?
silver..kete lama la

6. reveal 3 most important things in your car?
sticker usm,sticker rumah sewa dgn touch n go

7. have you ever got yourself into accident?
2 kali and the 2nd one is the worst one

8. when is the due for your insurance & roadtax?
haha..lepas eksiden

9. lets make your friend do this too. who would you choose?
sapa ye?
puan nurul
kak muhaini
kak aimi

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