Thursday, September 3, 2009


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Salam and hello to all,

hopefully today is my loveliest day..:) unless someone want to spoil it again.dare u?hehe..please respect this month just like you respect yourself and others!!!

Just want to share my story for today..So friends how about your raya celebrations??i mean the preparation??is it to early to ask? I think, nope..hehe..depends on the perception actually.

The frequent ask question are mostly about baju raya?kuih raya?which kampung?
Me?still in progress...titt titt..counting money right now for duit raya, travelling spending...huhu..

My baju raya theme for this raya is purple..huhu..i can accept any bious..
I have already buy one at mamacollections but the baju kurung still not arrived yet. Maybe today perhaps. So, yesterday I have received the blouse which I bought from eightdesign butik.Well, i will put inside this post later..ok?tudung already bought the fareeda triple tone just like heliza wearing...haha..expensive?yup..a bit .But I get cheaper price from mama nurul blogshop.

Kuih raya??still progressing but have done one , cornflakes madu..(just combine everything together, cornflakes,honey,butter and a bit of sugar..hehe) ..
Other biscuit in my mind??maybe semprit or nestum biscuit( just use the items which is available inside the kitchen cupboard, no waste at all)..

More about raya?lack of idea right now..adios..


  1. Wah...cepatnyer beli baju raya...kita pun tahun ni tema purple gak...hehehe

  2. catek baju....huhu koi puyer baji nyonya tu buat beso sebijik cam baju ibu2 ngandong.nk pakai kena ote dulu

  3. huhu...sabo jela..dia suh aok makan banyak kot.hehehehe



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