Tuesday, December 22, 2009

SARAWAK continued..I BUY

Salam semua..

As usual, when we went for a trip ,who else would like to deny this??
SHOPPING..that is the best word to describe,less or overlimit is depending on the persons budget..
For me?I have to consider many things and person who are involve in my life.But for instead, for sure I have to pamper myself first with every single thing that come out from my mind..hehe..YES..BOROS..Maybe, but i like to say this 'sentence 'Bukan selalu dan senang boleh datang, jadi bila lagi?'..hehe.In that case, I dont want to miss a thing..

My checklist::
1) pes laksa sarawak
2)ikan terubuk
3)kek lapis sarawak
4) kain batik pua
5) what else?????

let the picture speak for itself..

so, this is the result

Out from the list is an additional of several things..

1)gambir sarawak( dont think naughty)-this thing is origin from sarawak for curing tooth ache and what so ever but some people are giving bad thinking with this thing..
2)kain pasang corak batik sarawak klasik-cantik
3)key chain-for souvenir
4)kerongsang- a unic batu decorate,never see before
5) a flowery handbag
6) kuih tebaloi- origin from sarawak made from sago
7) sos lada hitam
8) gula-gula lada hitam
9)magnet-I bought 2, crocs design..hehe
10) a pair of shirt fro me and him
11) kuih jala-gift from our guide

actually there are several things more that i really want to buy but i am moneyless already..so that all..

adios..continue with A TRIP


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Happy New Year

Assalamualaikum semua.. Selamat tahun baru buat semua..