Monday, March 15, 2010

Mix and match...

Salam semua..

Dah seminggu lebih tidak bersiaran..adakah malas?oh tidak.Sebab banyak aktiviti best yang berlangsung dalam hidup saya..Apakah?
Let the picture speak for itself.OK?

First batch of the picture is referring to Motivation Camp which I have attended last week. All of the participants came from USM and from C Group which is commonly known as Science Officer. Proudly say, this is my job right now..hehe
The camp held at BUKIT MERAH LAKE TOWN RESORT.This is my 2nd time to come here. The 1st one have been long time ago. But on that time I don't have opportunity to enjoy that place...why? My family when there after my sis convocation .Unfortunately I have important task to finish at USM , so they sent me back to PENANG. But then, the task actually is a monthly test that i have to sit for.When I get the result, it is horrible...huh.pity me..waaa

Just forget the bad memory, why don't we enjoy the picture..

My team mate

Floras and Faunas view at BUKIT MERAH LAKETOWN RESORT
Tempting delicious food
People's around me..

ITA the MAMA..hehe..seronok hang no..tinggai 2 boipren..

2nd, This wedding ceremony just happend to be yesterday at SG.PETANI..Finally Karim found his soulmate at his workplace.eheh..Her name is Dayah.Actually, I am glad Karim has married. There is one thing I can describe about him.He is the 'maluest' person I think in KRU club..KRU is KELAB REKREASI UNISAINS where I meet KARIM and other friends in this photo.

The colour of their cloth make me remember my memory with my husband.The same colour combination. Hot Red and White..Love the colour. The food?wahh..sangat sedap.Ayam Masak Merah, Gulai Daging dan Nenas, Ulam-ulam, Sambal Belacan, Ikan Pekasam... and less but not least cendol..slurp..hehe

KARIM n DAYAH wedding...

Ok.That's all for now..

Will update later with more stories to tell..stay tune( macam rancangan pulak..eheh)

p/s:terpaksa berlatih menulis and speaking sbb nk g USA la konon bulan 5 ni..Kena polish sebab dah berkarat sangat..


  1. besar gedabak gambar ita membuatkan aku kaget sebentar.. hahaha

    waa.. nak gi us..bestnye

  2. seronoknyee jalan jalan die tuu..hehe..

  3. bukan berjalan la cik zura..kerja la..ehehe

  4. salam julie..wah g kusus sambil dpt mkn best2 nie..lau cm nie tiap2 hari kusus pon ok boley tambah berat cenggini he3..weh aok nk g usa yea best nye dpt g tmpt org yea..jgn lupa ole2 taw..
    re : best blk kpg kali nie dpt mkn mcm2 tapi panas la skit..kOi sbnrnya nk mkn udang galah tapi g ngail xdpt pehtu cari kat pasar sehari pon xda jgk...hu3...

  5. aha...nk gi US ek??? nak pesaaaaaannnnn!!!!



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