Monday, May 3, 2010

AWARD dari puan kelly

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puan kelly
  • 10 Question with 5 answer for each question
Try my best to answer all..
  • 5 Name that people call you
Ju- my hubby call me this short name, but some people also call me with this name..hehe
Ngah- My siblings, my mum, my dad...
Juli-most of my close friends call me with this name..hehe
Nor- other people who really dont get attach with me, credit card agent or other sales people
Julia- my MIL..hehe..she used to call me with this name on our early stage of trying to know each others..but my siblings said that this name were used by gatal2 n jahat2 lady..hehe..tataula

  • 5 Important date in your life
My parent birthday - November 8 ( Abah ) & February 1 ( Mak )
My wedding anniversary - Mac 27
My hubby birthday - July 21
My birthday - July 31
My siblings birthday - Dec 13 ( Long ), Sept 24 ( Adik ) & Sept 26 ( Capikoh )
  • 5 Thing you done yesterday
1) Staying at home
2) Housekeeping
3) Watching ironman
4) Buying my new sport shoes for lawn bowl
5) Making lasagna..hehe..1st time
  • 5 Ways to be happy
1) Doing and making chocolates n tartlets..
2) Spending time with my family n my luvly hubby
3) Exercise and outdoors activity
4) Smile always.. and pray to ALLAH always
5) Watching asian food channel..hehe..
  • 5 Favourite movies
2) lupa tajuk la..Sepi kot
3) Shrek
4) Ice age
5) cannot much movies..

  • 5 Favourite hobbies
1) Trying new recepies
2) Travelling
3) Blogging
4) Facebooking
5) Kacau my husband..hehe

  • 5 Favourite people
My luvly hubby - the other half of me
My parent - they make me survive in this world until now
My sibling - also the other half of me..
My parent in law - thanks to them for accepting me as their also family member
My friend ( online / reality ) - i dont need to mention the will know if you are also the one..
  • 5 Favourite places for vacation
1) as a muslim, i really want to go to makkah, not for a vacation only..for the pilgrims and close to my creators..insyaALLAH
2) Egypt- Would like to see one of the magical place in the world
3) France- Eiffel towers.Tuti, if you read this I bet you will laugh at me kan?
4) Vietnam- to meet my sister and my two nephew..hehe
5) Italy- I think this country is the best romantic places in the world.Like i have seen in a lot of movies.

  • 5 Reason you answer the survey
1) To show my appreciation to the person who give me this award-kelly
2) To show people my effort to finish this tagged.
3) To show my appreciation to all the people's around me.
4) To polish my writing skills in english..(it has been a long time since the last time.hehe..)
5) Hope people will know a little bit a bout myself..

  • 5 Person to tag
Rozlina Zabri
Nurul Arlieta


it took me for about half an hour to complete this tag.So, thanks to kelly.I think this is also an appreciation for me for being amongst the 5 person who came accross your mind.thank you so much.I have been busy for the previous week and also this week. So ,this tagged and awards will be my entry for this week.tq.

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