Friday, January 28, 2011

hatiku menangis

ohoo..sangat emosional malam ni.just dunno why.but the repeated questions keeps coming this weekend?why?coz recently there is people near me just having their offsprings 7 mostly is their first child . and the 2nd thing is,i am staying here alone in my house without him by my side.yela.dia amik cuti direct sebelum raya cina la kan..
while i am writing right now, my tears drop just like a rain drop from the sky.Never can be stop coz this sorrowness has been inject deep inside my heart .I just cannot take it this 2 months. I just try be happy and busy with my own life without ever thinking of that things which keep stuck in my head. why? why? should i ask this questions ?no..
I should not be this mum always remind me not to be emotionally express my feelings in my blog?huhu.but i am not like other people who secretly privately hide their own name on their blog when they get involved with this kind of its not i being to open?no.I have just privately choosing certain people that can read my blog. this is to avoid misundertsnding and kind of avoid not welcomed viewers .
cam diari plak..hehe

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  1. yaaa, kind of...hehe, mmg cam diary, sbb da jadi private, sedikit orang aje le baca
    ala akak ni, ok la, hubby akak masih juga plg melawat, cuma berjauhan sahajala
    rasanya, banyak benda akak le buat untuk mengubati kesunyian akak skrg, cam akak mlm2, le buat coklat yang aku sll buat tu
    buat2 waktu malam, then mesti tdoq =)



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