copied from http://www.999reasonstolaugh.com/2011/04/673-infertiles-got-talent/
Sharing2..our great specialty.hahaha

Here are some of our special talents:

Only an infertile could have timed intercourse and then do a full gymnastic headstand for 30 minutes.

Only an infertile could hold in their pee after drinking a liter of water for an embryo transfer.

Only an infertile could wake up at 6am, have a transvaginal ultrasound and blood work at 7am and still make it to her morning meeting by 9.

Only an infertile could take Clomid, have side effects and still ace her client presentation.

Only an infertile could hold up a pregnancy test to the light in a dimly lit bathroom, trying to find the second line.

Only an infertile could fake an award-winning smile after hearing a pregnancy announcement.

Only an infertile could buy cough syrup because she heard it helps increase ovulation fluid.

Only an infertile knows exactly what cervical mucus looks and feels like.

Only an infertile could pre-fail a cycle before it even happened yet.

Only an infertile could do an opera-like sob after getting her period in a public bathroom.

Only an infertile could be such a strong person who refuses to give up because she knows one day, it WILL happen.

Semanis Kurma Rajuk Hati Menunggu Zuriat. Credit to Sharifah Shahora dan -ve to tetamu jemputan tu.hahaha..tah apa2 macam nak marah2 plak orang macamtu xleh macamni,macamtu macamni.Hang tau apa?bluekk..Ustazah jugak yang aku suka,rileks ,cool aja.:) Dekat fb pun ada sekotr tu sama jugak. bluekk kat hang.hehehe.Hang tatau hang diam. Sapa hang tu?not my family la.:P

(rasa nak buka blog asing pasal TTC bila dah baca kisah golongan senasib,kalau post kat fb atau blog ni payoh skek.asik kena kata emo dan bla2..perlu kot?).


  1. kak..jom join...ni link blog ima..ima dapat ramaiii kawan dari sana..they all in the same shoes



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