Friday, April 6, 2012

Its has been more than 7 years

More than 7 years working at the same place without any achievements?

What do you expect from yourself ?From your superior?

Are you jealous of your colleagues ?Your friends?Do you feel weird?

Yes I AM..I feels so been left behind?Maybe I just did not perform well enough?

Well one of the big boss mentioning my name as the one who keep updating my fb status all day long..

I have limited the time to actively updating the fb status, but she never knew that there is also person who open fb everytime they come to work but never post anything.Did you notice this?But this kind of people always actively open the window and read other people status but they never comment anything or post anything.did u notice?no..But me? I am not actively open the window all day during work,only once for awhile.forget about this, this is just going to make me membebel lagi..

She have been curious about this but never spoken to me directly, only through my boss..

Why? No need to explain this..

Is this 'achievement' so important? YES...I think,not about the reward or the money

,but eventually this is about how you have been appreciated all this while by your boss..

Ok, stop mumbling around..This will make thing getting worst.

After all this while, this is just not enough right?Or is it something wrong with me ?

Am I the worst worker in the organization? AM I?Should ask this directly during evaluation time at the end of the year..

Just ignore this post if you are not agree with me .Thanks..I think i need a meditation for a while

and think.

I guess , I will stop thinking about this for a year until the time has come again.And when the time has come I will start asking again to myself.Why?why? still didn't get the answer yet until now.Maybe I just need to wait until 10 years then I will write again about this.Then 20 years..who knows?

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